We welcome you to this website which is nothing more than an invitation to join in a journey of worldwide followers of Christ who want to express themselves in an effective, missional and relational way in life as congregation. We are living in an era where congregation life is changing and the new dynamic and more effective way is not designed by leaders, but by the congregation itself. It is not a new set way or model, but a relational dynamic that varies from person to person, group to group and house to house. The heart of this new movement does not lie in the first place in the way they live this life, but in the life itself! The core of it all is a heart driven by the revelation of God the Father’s love for His creation that was purposed to be His family!

In this website, we want to set out a template for congregation life built upon the values and principles of discipleship. It is only a template because the content and detail still need to be built and lived by you! Help us to build local congregations that are saturated with love, passion, freedom and relationship, and that will stand directly under the authority of Jesus Christ. Help us to build a congregation life that are alive, relational, and needs the absolute minimum in outward structure and resources to reproduce. Some part of the answer is not only in you, but you are also the key to your family, your workplace and neighbourhood. You are not called to be a member of a church, but to be a congregation leader in your area!

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We are called to life and abundance! At Lifewise we nurture a whole collection of ministries aimed at quite a variety of subjects, ranging from fictional novals to child care.

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Moneywise is a financial course with four modules that facilitates people on their journey to financial freedom.

Website : http://www.moneywisegame.com

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