The command to disciple the world is the only command that was given after the resurrection of Christ. We have no command to “plant” congregations; our only command was to disciple the world. In order to build life giving and relational congregations, we need to clearly understand the values and principles of discipleship. I truly do not have the last and final definition and explanation of discipleship and I do not believe any person has it. Discipleship is a Christ-like lifestyle and not a definition or theology. The values and principles of discipleship always stay the same, but every person needs to build his own model in the context of his specific community. We really need to learn from each other in this regard.

David Watson is without a doubt the leading person in the world concerning discipleship. Already, half of the mission organizations in the world are working with him. They have grown numerous congregations of which the numbers of believers in each run into the millions. There are definitely also other people and groups that are doing excellent things in discipleship. We simply do not have space at the moment for everything. As a starting point, I publish some material to help you get your mind sorted out about discipleship.

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